A WOOFin’ First Week

Woof Work
3 min readFeb 9, 2023

A wild first week for WoofWork.io ($WOOF)

“The warrior & the artist live by the same code, which dictates the battle must be fought anew everyday.”

— The War of Art

A Loud WOOF! to the WOOFpack.

We are thrilled to have you with us!

Many paws have been hard at work into making our launch a reality. On February 1st, 2023, WoofWork finally had a fair launch and there have been many highlights to cover during our first week.

The WOOF Runs

WoofWork first started a Fjord Foundry Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool. The epic level of liquidity raised was then deployed into a Uniswap-V3 Liquidity Pool, which was immediately locked. Since launch, the WoofWork team has been working tirelessly and is already listed on over 13 reputable crypto exchanges.

So far, $WOOF has been listed on:

This is to ensure that we have as many paws as possible that can access the WOOF token, while our paws work to build the platform and community.

Honoring our Commitments

WoofWork is an act of true decentralization, trust and faith. Multiple communities have stuck by with us over a whole year while paws were working, waiting for the right time.

First of all, we would like to extend our gratitude towards the community over at Falcon 9. Although a series of events forced us to pivot to a fair launch instead of an IDO, our roots lie deep within the Falconauts in the F9 community. 1% of WOOF supply has been sent to the original Falcon 9 Deployer wallet — as a token of tribute.

We have also formally honored our commitments to Cult DAO ($CULT), and Unification Foundation ($FUND/$xFUND), and have officially announced our collaborative partnerships.

A long, long time ago, CULT saw a vision and invested in a puppy–one they wouldn’t see run for over a year. As the first seed investor of WoofWork, we have honored our public proposal of sending 2.86% of WOOF supply, as promised. This will be released on a strict vesting schedule over 12 months.

The Unification Foundation (xFUND) has also been honored with 2% of WOOF supply that will be vested over 12 months. As we work towards the platform launch and await to migrate onto Shibarium, WoofWork will be working closely with the Unification Foundation to securely power crypto payments on the freelance marketplace. The WoofWork Beacon has already been purchased and internal testing will commence within the next week. You can check the details of the WoofWork Beacon registration here. We are currently in discussions with Unification about the validator deployment process.

Building the WoofPack and Platform Development

All paws will now be going into growing the WOOF brand, community, and the development of the freelance marketplace. The first week is only the beginning, and we are proud to present the work that has been done so far to build the foundations.

Already, our first week of WOOFing has seen:

  • 3700+ Telegram
  • 4300+ Hodlers
  • 6900+ Twitter
  • 13+ Exchanges
  • $5,000,000+ LP
  • $26,000,000+ MC

Keep WOOFin’, and spread the word…




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