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The $WOOF Ecosystem sparkles like a diamond of nine facets

Woof Work
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Woof Vision

In community, WoofWork is global.
In platform, WoofWork is Shibarium-first, with a multi-chain vision.
In technology, WoofWork is Web3 focussed, with an appreciation for user-friendly experience.

In ecosystem, teh Woofverse is ninefold.

Like 8 puppies dancing around a central doggo, with mantras of $WOOF barking in all directions.

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All for Woof, and Woof for All

The WoofWork platform is the central hub to the entire ecosystem. With incoming and outgoing $WOOF flows, this is the axis around which the Woofverse spins.

In the four cardinal directions, lie the cornerstones of the ecosystem: the WoofPack Community, the WoofBurn Dashboard, the Woof DAO, and the WoofWorker NFTs — all interacting directly with the Platform.

Interlaced between these, lie four further gems — driving the flow of $WOOF through the Woofverse. Partner integrations and Woofaversity, which drive $WOOF towards the WoofBurn Portal; and, Wooferrals and Proof-Of-Woof, which drive $WOOF rewards to the WoofPack.

Overall, revenue flows into the WoofWork Platform, before circulating out in multiple directions to drive WoofBurns, fuel the Woof DAO, and empower the WoofPack.

Driving $WOOF to the WoofPack:

  • WoofWorker NFTs
  • Proof-Of-Woof Staking
  • Wooferrals
  • Woof DAO

Driving $WOOF to the WoofBurn Portal:

  • WoofWorker NFTs
  • Partner Integrations
  • Woofaversity
  • Woof DAO

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WoofWorker NFTs are going to have a very unique role in the WoofVerse ecosystem…

As each facet is released and polished, its unique sparkle will be seen more clearly, while enhancing the shine of all other synergistic facets.

Facet by facet, the WoofWork tech stack is compiling!

Memes are fun. Tech moves the world. Woof is working!

Which facet are you Woofing for?

Learn more at WoofWork.io

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Official WoofWork Socials:

Website: https://www.woofwork.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/woof_work

Telegram: https://t.me/woof_work

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aDgr9QhMCA



Woof Work

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