WOOF WORK: the Upwork Killer! Crypto Freelance Marketplace for Shibarium Ecosystem

Woof Work
5 min readOct 29, 2021


Ready to work in crypto and earn in crypto?
Introducing… Woof Work!
Join the Woofolution!

What Is a Freelance Marketplace?

Simply, an online platform to connect talented workers with clients looking to hire them. People go there to offer their skilled services for contract hire in fields ranging from graphic design, writing, marketing, programming & tech, etc. And to hire people with the right skill set.

While Upwork and Fiverr are the most widely known examples, these have major issues that Woof Work is here to solve!

The Future of Freelance Is On the Blockchain

Woof Work aims to be the first freelance marketplace to work and hire in $WOOF, $SHIB, and 100+ more cryptocurrencies.

$WOOF is an ERC-20 token, which launched on February 1st, 2023. We’re proud to join and serve the Shiba Inu ecosystem by being one of the first projects that will migrate to Shibarium, Shiba’s upcoming L2 solution.

Worried about Ethereum transaction fees? Relax — fees on Shibarium to use Woof Work will be next to nothing.

We’re excited to announce many major partnerships including Unification — with more to come!

Do I smell a freelance revolution in the air, or is that just the wet dog smell coming from our growing WOOF Pack? Be fruitful and multiply young WOOFERS! Welcome to the WOOFOLUTION!

After a WOOF-worthy launch and growing our BARKtastic community, it’ll be time to unleash the Woof Work Platform.

In the meantime, here’s a few more reasons why Woof Work is going to be THE Crypto Freelance Marketplace…

Why the Current Freelancing Landscape Is Broken

Upwork is broken. It’s woofing expensive (upfront fees plus 20% of everything you make). Fiverr isn’t much better (they take 20% too). Break even a single community guideline and they’ll close your account down for good.

It’s a doggone headache!

Point is, there’s a big juicy bone for a freelance marketplace that people actually want to use. It’s so bad that freelancers take their clients off the platform just to avoid the high fees. Everyone (who is Top Dog enough to try) does it. Heck, it’s either that or let them take 20% of your ‘doggybowl’!

But it’s a high-stakes game…

Upwork monitors their chats for “suspicious” activity and if you get caught that could be the end of your account. No warning! Man, that’s ruff!

And that’s only if you’re lucky enough to get an account approved…

Most people can’t even get an account because Upwork is already too saturated with freelancers.

There are so many challenges with fiat freelance marketplaces:

  • Can’t work anonymously (must KYC)
  • Have to pay extra for every application you send on Upwork
  • No communication allowed outside of Upwork/Fiverr
  • Fees that hurt your bottom line
  • Can be kicked off the platform at any second, without explanation
  • Difficult to get new accounts approved
  • Saturated with applicants
  • Chaotic UI/UX on Fiverr

The bottom line is, freelancers use Upwork and Fiverr not because they want to but because they have to — they simply don’t have any other options…

That is until now…

Everything They Can Do We Can WOOF Better

The Woof Work differences are simple:

  • No high fees (from 0% to 5% max)
  • Keep what you earn
  • Don’t have to worry about your account getting shut down
  • Open to everyone
  • Earn and pay in crypto — money of the future
  • Work and hire as an anonymous doggo if you prefer
  • Extra doggy treats with Wooferral Program and Doghouse Staking
  • Crypto transaction fees on Shibarium L2 will be near zero

Fee Structure

When you receive payments in $WOOF, you pay a very reasonable 0% in fees.
Fees for payments in $SHIB are just 2.5%.
And payments in other cryptocurrencies are a reasonable maximum of 5%.

Look, you work hard for your money — you should keep it!

$WOOF will also facilitate rewards through the Proof-Of-Woof Staking Program and Wooferral Affiliate Program. This is all part of the growing decentralized Shiba ecosystem, where DeFi is king and Upwork can go Woof itself.

Extra Doggy Treats for WOOFERS!

Have you been a good boy?

We think you have! That is as long as you’re holding $WOOF, staking $WOOF, and referring new users to the platform.

Did somebody say steak?

No, not that kind of steak furball! We’re talking about our Proof-Of-Woof Staking Program. Liquidity is the kibble that keeps Woof Work’s belly full, so we like to reward our Wooferrers handsomely…

Doghouse Staking Program Rewards:

  • Stake X* $WOOF, fees drop to 4%
  • Stake 5X* $WOOF, fees drop to 2%
  • Stake 10X* $WOOF, fees drop to 0%

*X (number of $WOOF tokens) to be determined

Is your little furry mouth watering yet?

We’d love your help getting new users to join the freelancing platform too, and that’s what our WOOFERRAL Program is all about — all you have to do is convince new clients (the people who post jobs and do the hiring) to join the Woof Work Job Marketplace.

For every client you WOOFER, you’ll earn $10 worth of $WOOF, plus a $50 bonus for inviting more than 10+ clients, and an additional $500 bonus for inviting a total of 100+ clients.

You catch all that? In other words…

WOOFERRAL Program Rewards:

  • Earn $10 $WOOF for every client you Woofer
  • Plus a $50 $WOOF bonus for inviting a total of 10+ clients
  • Plus a $500 $WOOF bonus for inviting a total of 100+ clients

And remember…

Freelancing fees are always 0% for freelancers who receive their payments in $WOOF!

As every doggo knows, community is everything — we’re here to serve the Shiba Inu community, grow the WOOF Pack and create a Woofolution together!

And we’re just getting started…

So, invite your ol’ doggy frens and young pups alike to join our community. Just WOOF it!