WOOF WORK: the Upwork Killer! Crypto Freelance Marketplace for Shiba Ecosystem

What Is a Freelance Marketplace?

The Future of Freelance Is On the Blockchain

Previews of the Woof Work Freelance Marketplace

Why the Current Freelancing Landscape Is Broken

  • Can’t work anonymously (must KYC)
  • Have to pay extra for every application you send on Upwork
  • No communication allowed outside of Upwork/Fiverr
  • Fees that hurt your bottom line
  • Can be kicked off the platform at any second, without explanation
  • Difficult to get new accounts approved
  • Saturated with applicants
  • Chaotic UI/UX on Fiverr

Everything They Can Do We Can WOOF Better

  • No high fees (from 0% to 5% max)
  • Keep what you earn
  • Don’t have to worry about your account getting shut down
  • Open to everyone
  • Earn and pay in crypto — money of the future
  • Work and hire as an anonymous doggo if you prefer
  • Extra doggy treats with Wooferral Program and Doghouse Staking
  • Crypto transaction fees on Shibarium L2 will be near zero

Fee Structure

Extra Doggy Treats for WOOFERS!

  • Stake X* $WOOF, fees drop to 4%
  • Stake 5X* $WOOF, fees drop to 2.5%
  • Stake 10X* $WOOF, fees drop to 1%
  • Earn $10 $WOOF for every client you Woofer
  • Plus a $50 $WOOF bonus for inviting a total of 10+ clients
  • Plus a $500 $WOOF bonus for inviting a total of 100+ clients




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Woof Work

Woof Work


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