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The WoofWork BEACON and DEscrow (Decentralized Escrow)

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3 min readFeb 23, 2023

As WoofWork continues to buidl the Web3 Freelance Marketplace to “DeFiverr teh World”, we take a moment to share some technical details of progress.

Team laser focused on platform development. WoofMap on track!

Decentralizing Work

A key factor in employment is trust. Traditionally, this has worked through legally enforceable employment contracts, supported by national judicial systems.

Additionally, the social contract has played a key role — we are generally respectful and honorable towards those we share an office and watercooler with, and see on a daily basis.

When it comes to remote work, with trustless payments between anonymous doggos, all control gets let off teh leash…

Proof of WoofWork

To protect both WoofWorkers and hiring managers, 2 complementary mechanisms are in development:

  1. DEscrow — Decentralized Escrow of multi-currency payments
  2. WoofWork BEACON —immutable contract hashing for Proof of WoofWork.

WoofWork.io and the Unification Foundation

In formal commencement of our partnership with the Unification Foundation, anew wallet has been setup for WoofWork, a new Purchase Order raised for 1,315,000 eFUND (1315000000000000nund), and a new BEACON deployed.
The BEACON has been registered and is engaging in internal testing.

WoofWork BEACON Functionality

Raw text for each work contract is SHA-256 hashed.
That hash becomes a leaf in a merkle tree.
Then, the root hash of the tree is submitted as the BEACON timestamp, with the latest timestamp always being the correct/current on-chain version of the root hash.

The WoofWork UI incorporates a function that hashes a contract’s raw text, grabs the root hash from the BEACON submission, and checks the validity of the contract’s hash via the merkle tree to ensure the validity.

Essentially, the WoofWork BEACON stamps all work agreements immutably to the blockchain. This time-stamped record of contractual agreements is intended to mitigate and resolve disputes between stakeholders.

The BEACON immutably records once a contract is signed for a certain number of hours/milestones/cryptocurrency to be exchanged between a WoofWorker (freelancer) & hiring manager. If a disagreement were to arise about deliverables/compensation between the WoofWorker and the hiring manager, the time-stamped record would be called upon to settle and resolve the issue.

Technical Details

New Wallet for WoofWork

Wallet Whitelisted

PO Raised

PO Accepted #1

PO Accepted #2

New Beacon Registered

Current wallet balance:

Total wallet eFUND spent to date:

Official WoofWork Socials:

Website: https://www.woofwork.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/woof_work

Telegram: https://t.me/woof_work

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aDgr9QhMCA



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