WoofWork Validator Live

WoofWork’s Unification Validator Node is live!

Woof Work
1 min readApr 18


On April 11, WoofWork’s Unification Validator Node completed syncing with the Unification Mainnet, and commenced validating blocks.

WoofWork.io itself has staked 100,000 $FUND, and has seen a further 200,000 delgated, for a total delegation of 300,000 $FUND. This not only signals our long-term parntership with Unification, but functions to further secure & validate the network for DEscrow and DDR.

DDR is Decentralized Dispute Resolution relying on the WoofWork BEACON. Read more here:

DEscrow is the Decentralized Escrow mechanism enabled by Oracle of Oracles. Read more here:

Facet by facet, the WoofWork tech stack is compiling!

Major website release scheduled revealing further facets.

Memes are fun. Tech moves the world. Woof is working!